Selling Skills

We look at the practical side of Sales. Our straightforward sales training is aimed at any staff involved in promoting or selling business or products. It can be tailored to Consultants, Business Development Staff, Field Sales Staff and Sales Letter Writers. This is practical, hands-on training that can be utilised immediately after leaving the training room. This course involves many exercises, games and role-plays designed to ensure that the delegates know the 'do's and don'ts' of selling products and services.

  • Works with simple sales models aligned to the organisational sales process.
  • How to 'close a deal' - including '23 ways to close'!
  • Distinguishing the difference between features and benefits.
  • How to overcome objections, including the objection handling model.
  • A dozen ways to open a call and create interest.
  • Listening and questioning skills, including linear probing.
  • How to maintain good relationships with customers.
  • Reading personality styles.
  • Exploring sales situation with forum theatre.
  • Practical exercises and 1:1 practice with professional business actors.