Dealing with Conflict

Conflict can be healthy. It can help shape new ideas and strengthen communication and facilitate progress. However, if handled badly, it can paralyse individuals, ruin relationships and destroy business.

We use drama based training to help participants understand, become comfortable with and even embrace conflict. Our team of trainers and business actors provide a challenging, stimulating and practically helpful course.

  • What does conflict in the workplace look like?
  • What can you do to manage it and uncover the real issues?
  • Participants watch recognisable scenes and experiment with different strategies using our business actors to play out their suggestions using Forum Theatre.
  • Participants get to understand their own response to conflict and how it may help or hinder working relationships.
  • Participants develop practical ways to resolve conflict including - how to deliver feedback, manage aggression, assertiveness, negotiation and diffusion.
  • They practice these skills in a controlled environment using relevant scenarios or case studies with our business actors.
  • Participants are given quality, targeted and constructive feedback on their practice from trainers and actors.
  • Choose from our established and proven courses or work with us to develop bespoke training for your organisation.