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React draws on the techniques and principles of drama to help people and organisations learn in the best way possible: by doing.



We help people be successful through creative learning experiences. Clients often describe the results as a revelation, because it involves developing the skills you already have and discovering things you didn't know you could do. The difference it makes – to individuals, teams, departments and organisations – is dramatic.

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Everyone enthused, participated, discussed, argued and figured out the right solution, what a way to learn!

Navneet Saluja, GSK Middle East Vice President

I'm constantly amazed at the talent and professionalism of the actors... Just as importantly - they're good fun to work with.

Vin Ray, Media Consultant, Former Head of Int'l News at BBC and founding Director of BBC College of Journalism Read more

We have full confidence in React... People learn with an amazing level of efficiency and satisfaction.

Philippe Marniquet, DVM, Dip, ESSEC Veterinary Communications Manager, Royal Canin France

A fantastic Masterclass on personal presence. It gave them the confidence to survive and thrive at executive level.

Yvonne Coghill, OBE Senior Programme Lead, Inclusion & Coaching NHS Leadership Academy Read more


We turn theory into practice and put experience at the heart of learning. We use drama techniques in practical skills courses, full development programmes, coaching, theatre lab work and bespoke projects.

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Our creative learning experiences.


There are actors and there are React actors.

The Lab

An experimental rehearsal space. 


Our approach is positive, generous and creative. As a pioneer of dramatic techniques in business, we are at the forefront of thinking and practice in this field.

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We were one of the first companies to bring a dramatic approach to business training and have been doing this for over 20 years. Our team understands the power of theatre and combines this with commercial insight and a positive approach.

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We have a core team in the UK and an international network of actors, trainers and facilitators. To date, we have tackled projects in over 30 countries.

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Interactive map of React's international network of actors

Drop us an email or call any time. You will get through to a friendly human being who will be happy to answer any questions. 

Call us on: 01727 858508
or email: helpdesk@react.co.uk