Our approach is positive, generous and creative. As a pioneer of dramatic techniques in business, we are at the forefront of practice in this field. Whether it’s a one-off event or an ongoing programme, we will draw on our experience and tailor our approach to your situation.

Our Values

We have core values, underlying thinking and established techniques that help us help you.


We recognise the transformational power of positivity. We look for positive ways to approach challenges.

Generosity of Spirit

We want the best for our clients. We want people to succeed. We are open to ideas and insights. We act with integrity and kindness.

Creative Excellence

We aim to make everything we do fun, memorable and inspiring. By delivering engaging learning experiences, we help people and organisations be successful.

How we work with you

We enjoy working in partnership with clients, often starting with a site visit to get first-hand experience of your culture and working practices. Whether it’s a one-off event or an ongoing programme, we will tailor our skills to your situation.

Our Thinking

Since starting out in 1993, we have pioneered the use of dramatic techniques in training and development. We’ve thought a lot about how it works.

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Our Techniques

We look for dramatic new ways to bring learning to life as well as using tried and tested techniques such as forum theatre and one-to-one practice.

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