Our techniques at React

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is when the people watching a scene take control of the characters playing it. The scene explores typical issues the audience face, and the technique allows the audience to explore different approaches to tackling these issues. Seeing the impact of suggestions and hearing the thoughts of fellow audience members, makes the technique an engaging, fun and dynamic forum for constructive debate. The actors may push participants for clarity in their suggestions, which allows a group to get highly specific about how behaviour affects outcomes. It’s like having a remote control for real life.

One to One Practice

Participants interact with characters played by React Actors. All the ‘acting’ is taken care of by the actors so that participants can just ‘be’ themselves.

React Actors are highly skilled at working with set briefs, from complex business simulations through to Assessment and Development Centres. When we do Bespoke Practice, the difference is even more dramatic. Participants brief the actors on a real situation or person and practice with them. It’s like a rehearsal for real life.


When others tell us how they see us, it’s difficult to get a clear understanding of what they mean, their ‘feedback’ tends to be coloured with opinion, or judgement, or their own agenda.

React Actors provide clear, constructive, non-judgemental, evidence-based feedback. We tell you what you did, what you said, and the impact it had on us. Sometimes people say this is a revelation. It’s a small but powerful gift.

Other Techniques

We always look for creative ways to make learning impactful. We use techniques that best suit the event objectives and context. Amongst our other techniques are Talking Heads, Simulated Case Studies, Hot Seating, Split Forums, Linked scenes, Promenade, Simulations and Immersive theatre.

And would some Power the small gift give us 

To see ourselves as others see us! 

It would from many a blunder free us.

Robert Burns