COVID-19 Precautions

The safety of our clients, colleagues and associates is always paramount. To ensure we keep everyone safe, as well as providing a range of online workshops, we have put in place a policy to ensure safety precautions are implemented for all our face-to-face workshops and events.


Facilitation is a skill that creates great results when done well. Our interactive and practical approach makes it easy for participants to learn the techniques of productive group facilitation.

  • Participants discover what facilitation is (and what it isn't!), where and when it is best employed and the skills required for best practice.
  • They identify the differences between leading, training and facilitating.
  • They discover strategies for maintaining constructive dialogue and handling conflict, arguments and/or concerns.
  • Participants establish ways to reach and hold agreements.
  • Participants have the opportunity to practice skills in a controlled environment, facilitating discussion amongst peers, guiding a group, stimulating and managing debate.
  • They learn tools and techniques for moving a group to decision without imposing their own agenda.
  • Participants receive quality, targeted, constructive feedback from our trainers and fellow course participants.