Voice Coaching

React has a long established reputation for voice coaching and training. Tried and tested techniques and exercises are used to free the voice of participants and enhance their ability to speak with genuine authority regardless of situation and audience. Working on your voice can have remarkable positive effects on your confidence, impact and energy levels.

  • Work on your personal impact - conveyed by your voice: Its tone, pitch, volume and modulation.
  • Whether in a group or individual session, our expert voice coaches work individually to improve your personal vocal skills.
  • We help you make the most of your voice, keeping it interesting, strong and expressive.
  • Practical voice training with exercises, theory and targeted, constructive feedback.
  • Our team draw on their training as actors and voice coaches as well as their experience in business, theatre and radio. They have the advantage of having practiced and professionally applied all they teach.
  • One-off consultancies, courses or on-going vocal coaching available to help keep your voice fit and working for you.