Personal Presence & Impact

Famously, research has shown that body language and voice - as well as the content that you say - have an enormous effect on your personal impact.

We have many years of experience in training and coaching in personal impact. We draw on a range of practical exercises and techniques to build your confidence and personal impact often with immediate and tangible effect.

  • We teach you the skills and techniques to maximise your personal impact to benefit you, your team and your organisation.
  • Our trainers and coaches offer personal coaching or group work.
  • We work at your level and to your particular needs and can offer input and training around use of body language, voice, rapport building, presentation skills, impact at meetings and dealing with one to one interactions.
  • Sessions can be videoed to provide you with instant evidence of improvement.
  • Working individually or in a group, we give the opportunity to practice, building confidence in a supportive and constructive atmosphere.
  • Participants are offered quality, constructive feedback on their impact and tips for improvement.