People Management

Our courses build the confidence and practical skills needed for everyday people management. Whether looking to motivate a particular member of staff, set some ground rules with a team or just gain some confidence in dealing with a variety of issues, this course helps you with the interpersonal aspects of management. We bring situations to life and develop skills through practice making this course far more engaging and productive than simply learning theoretical models. We have wide experience in People Management training and can be flexible in our design to match your particular needs.

  • Participants identify good practice and skills by experimenting with strategies using Business Actors in Forum Theatre.
  • Participants gain confidence from individual skills practice with our Business Actors.
  • Participants receive quality, targeted, constructive feedback on their performance from both trainer and actor.
  • We offer a number of techniques and models or can work within your organisation's existing frameworks.
  • Practical, effective and immediately applicable skills.
  • Follow up sessions can be used to hone skills after a period of application in the workplace.