This is a two-day interactive course on how to negotiate with both current and prospective clients. It can be tailored for consultants, telephone/field-sales staff and more experienced negotiators as well as for senior-level management. It can include elements such as negotiating "issues" as well as negotiation of financial elements such as price payments, percentage-share agreements, discount percentages etc.

Content can be adapted to individual groups and can include sections on the following:

  • Looking at ways of maintaining and enhancing revenue yields and the 'bottom line'.
  • Learning how to handle objections, deal with 'dirty tricks' and the fundamental differences between selling and negotiation.
  • The various 'style' or 'strategic' approaches, going beyond the classic "Win-Win" approach.
  • The structure of negotiations including preparing, debating, proposing and bargaining.
  • Simple techniques to negotiate and maintain relationships
  • Practical techniques such as prioritising, entry and exit points, need-assessment and conditional bargaining.
  • The course involves practice, exercises and games to ensure learning is immediately practical.
  • We use actors to bring situations to life and keep practice consistent and effective.