Coached Rehearsal

Coached rehearsal is particularly effective in helping individuals to prepare for 'difficult' or challenging conversations or specific situations.

An in depth discussion about the situation would be followed by the coachee identifying some options that they would like to try out. Having discussed what it is they are looking to achieve, the coachee practices the situation or conversation with the coach as role-player to test which would be the most beneficial and practical. Like individual practice in role-play, coached rehearsal has proved a very popular and effective way of preparing and gaining confidence.

In summary:

  • Practice or rehearsal for challenging conversations or situations.
  • Coach plays other character in conversation after briefing from individual.
  • Coaching on approach through feedback on impact of individual.
  • Use of stop start format or run and re-run of conversation.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Practice can be videoed and reviewed.
  • Works with individuals or small groups (this can add to the pool of alternative approaches to a situation).