Presentation Skills

Our presentation skills courses rightfully have an excellent reputation. We deliver presentation skills for beginners, advanced presenters and one to one coaching. We believe in making the most of your strengths and personality working at different levels according to need from first time presenters looking for basic technique and confidence to established presenters who are looking for expert feedback and coaching.

We cover all aspects of presenting from planning and preparation, body language and voice through to using visuals and dealing with difficult questions.

  • Training on personal impact through body language and voice
  • We work on ways to engage an audience through content, structure and specific techniques.
  • Guidance on the use of presentation aids such as PowerPoint slides, flip charts, video etc
  • Participants are given the opportunity to practice skills in a controlled environment.
  • Confidence is built through gradual exercises and at least two practice presentations.
  • Tried and tested tips for managing nerves and handling questions or interruptions.
  • Participants are given quality, targeted and constructive feedback by the trainer on their presentations.
  • React offers group workshops or one-to-one coaching.