Bullying & Harassment

Modern organisations strive to build a culture of respect and dignity for all staff. It's not just about stopping bullying or harassment, it's about making the workplace a positive, inclusive and productive place to work. Our interactive workshops bring to life issues, policies and procedures around bullying and harassment. We help raise awareness of how to create a workplace of respect and dignity, enhancing productivity, and reducing grievances, costly tribunals and emotional stress.

  • Our business actors demonstrate a variety of realistic scenarios.
  • Participants get to see and understand the consequences of bullying and harassment.
  • We create a light hearted, safe and non-judgemental environment to explore sensitive and contentious subjects.
  • Participants explore - What is bullying and harassment? What can individuals do about it? And what official support is available?
  • We facilitate discussion points e.g. what is the difference between strong management and bullying? Or between workplace banter and harassment?
  • Training input is grounded in current employment law and helps turn company policy into working practice.
  • We put together a programme that fits your organisation and its relevant issues.