Working Greener

We run great interactive courses on Working with Climate Change.

Awareness workshops introduce participants to relevant issues such as:

  • What is Climate Change?
  • How does it affect me/ my company/ the world?
  • How do I affect it?
  • What can I/we do about it?

Our other Working Greener workshops give participants the chance to shape environmental changes in their workplace through our highly effective innovation and creativity techniques.

  • Simple effective approach
  • One stop shop for awareness and employee engagement
  • Innovative way of engaging workforce
  • Non-didactic or preachy
  • Better buy in and motivation of employees
  • Energising and stimulating for innovation around Climate Change
  • Practical ideas as well as good intentions
  • Become a leader in best practice
  • Possible product or service spin offs
  • Staff morale and retention