Diversity, equality and inclusion - Why act now?

The question shouldn’t really be why now, but why not now? Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) have always been incredibly important issues, but arguably it has been thrust to the fore this year, with more media attention than ever before. With more momentum pushing businesses towards purposeful action, can your organisation really afford to be behind the curve?

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How will DEI help your organisation?

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation can help your business in more ways than you might think. Some of the benefits can include:

Attract and retain talent from a diverse candidate pool

Encourage innovation, new vision and opportunities for growth to your business

Be seen as a DEI leader in your industry

Greater customer insight and wider customer demographic reach

Give your brand a competitive edge and improve company reputation

We’re currently running online DEI workshops with educational institutions, local government and global brands.
Example: Scenario based training with scenes deliberately created to challenge cultural stereotypes, intersectionality and unconscious bias. Reflections were framed around key questions. Call to action prompted by fictional scenarios and questions on how they could create the change.

Outcome: High engagement and level of stimulated discussion. Key takeaways, strategy and tools to implement change within the organisation. Helped catalyse several DEI initiatives and representation has increased since the workshop.

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Why React’s DEI workshops?

Our workshops use drama-based training proven to be a highly engaging and immediate way to:

‘open up’ concepts or initiatives

explore, discuss, and play with sensitive issues in a safe, open, and constructive way

deal with uneasiness, defensiveness, and resistance in a straightforward way

put experience at the heart of training to help turn ideas into practice.

React’s digital workshops are proving just as effective as our face-to-face sessions in this field so speak to us today on 01727 858508 or helpdesk@react.co.uk to take the first steps to creating a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation.

“So many people commented to me how much they appreciated the different approach and how much the various scenarios made them think again about the issues.” - DEI workshop attendee