Disciplinary and Grievance

This course gives participants the tools, practice and confidence to conduct fair, objective and consistent disciplinary and grievance hearings in line with company policy and good management practice. Working within your existing guidelines and procedures (or working in partnership with you to develop new ones) our team of trainers and business actors offer a stimulating inter-active training course giving participants 'hands on' experience of delivering best practice.

  • Participants work through a simulated case-study step by step, making decisions and using company policy as they proceed.
  • Relevant employment law is fed in at the appropriate time to illustrate and explain procedure.
  • Participants identify behaviours which constitute misconduct and the potential disciplinary sanctions available
  • What does a good / bad disciplinary meeting look and sound like? What is the best way to structure and lead a fair hearing?
  • Participants establish dos and don'ts of a hearing by experimenting with different approaches using our actors to play out suggestions in Forum Theatre.
  • Participants practice interviewing techniques, analysis of information and delivery of tribunal decisions in a controlled environment using relevant case studies
  • Participants receive quality, targeted, constructive feedback from both trainers and actors
  • They can practice dealing with union representation. How does this alter the dynamic? What difference does it make to the procedure?
  • Participants explore the risks of poor questioning or note taking and how to process appeals.
  • Choose from our established and proven courses or work with us to develop bespoke training for your organisation.