Appraisal Skills

Could your staff appraisals be more effective? Are they useful, performance enhancing and motivating?

React delivers a stimulating and inter-active course to bring Appraisal skills to life. We will work with your current policies and processes (or work in partnership with you to develop new ones) to make Appraisals more effective tools for employee development and business-directed conversations.

  • Our business actors bring to life the techniques of Appraisal and develop best practice through delegate intervention using Forum Theatre.
  • Participants learn the importance and benefits of well-planned and conducted appraisals to all staff and the organisation.
  • Participants are trained in all areas of Appraisal delivery from planning and preparation to objective setting, reaching agreement and performance review.
  • They practice appraisals in a safe and supportive environment, using relevant case studies and our business actors.
  • Participants receive supportive constructive feedback on their performance from both trainer and the character they have appraised.
  • Framework and models are introduced to help managers balance employees' ambition and business realities.
  • Choose from our established and proven course or bespoke training for your organisation.