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To English people exuberant recommendations can be suspect, but I cannot hold back in my praise for React. What the support of their actors achieved for my client in a workshop I ran, with a wide range of store teams from one famous brand, was more valuable and sustainable than I had imagined possible. Not only did the performance of the stores involved improve, but so too did the quality of the working days and the sense of fulfilment of all the people involved.

The workshop itself was a revealing, intense and enjoyable two days. React’s actors created so many real situations that the store teams involved were able to see the power of behaviour in creating and sustaining their brand. Using humour and reality to bring people face to face with genuine feeling encounters enabled these teams to see themselves and affirm or correct how they performed. I’m certain this could not have been achieved in any other way.

Actors bring such a vivid sense of reality into situations. Only they can do this. It just doesn’t happen without the power of real drama and real drama doesn’t happen without professional actors. Actors can bring invaluable insights to the behaviour of major corporate boards and I know the immense value that this can bring.

Working with React can surprise, even astonish and encourage people to see themselves and their reactions in ways that enable great leaps in personal effectiveness. Even if you’re not sure in which context you want to work with React’s techniques, a preliminary conversation will reveal the extent of the benefits they can and will bring.

Michael Wolff Faculty of Royal Designers