Video Case Study #1: National Training Company

Our client tasked us with creating impactful video assets that supported their Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work with a focus on Unconscious Biases. In consultation with the client we created three scripts that represented some realistic scenarios that colleagues had either experienced, witnessed or had anxieties about. With relevant and sensitive topics covered, we elected to use witnessed behaviour and language in the videos to make the scenes as realistic and tangible for the viewers as possible. Through camera techniques, realistic acting performances and the device of ’Bystander’ interviews from the characters observing the behaviours (as well as the protagonists and antagonists themselves) we effectively captured how Unconscious Biases can impact a colleague’s mental health, the efficiency of workplace processes, and more widely – the culture of an organisation. The videos showed difficult situations and behaviours, followed by either thoughts from the characters (to get a 360° view) or ‘better’ versions of the same scene. Rather than telling our viewers what to do, this allowed ownership of the conversation in the business and teams. This video was shot on location and is used across the business in various induction and training scenarios.

Video Case Study #2: Global Bank

Six months into the pandemic we were approached by our banking client to help with upskilling their teams on their virtual sales pitching. Due to the fact that all teams had been forced to now conduct these vital conversations through a computer’s camera, how were they able to effectively engage and foster a relationship with new and existing clients in a new and unfamiliar medium? It seemed, at least to date, that they could only work face-to-face. We helped our client design three videos that not only showed best practice (and the dos and the don’ts) but also had a human element to them and recognized the challenges that all individuals have when the divide between work and life becomes less defined. The videos were even shot in our actors’ houses to add a sense of authenticity and relatability to them. Showing very practical tips in terms of environment, technical set ups, preparation, content and body language, we also added sprinkles of humour to highlight these challenges and to give our audiences a fun experience. The client was delighted with the finished product

Video Case Study #3: Global Renewables Business

We recently created a health and safety behaviours video for our client’s American colleagues. The client wanted to implement and raise awareness of a brand new process to help with the safety culture work that was being trialed in the US. We worked closely with our client to ensure we understood their terminology, culture and people and then designed two scripts modeling these types of behaviours and attitudes. In order to allow for a swift turnaround in production and keep the costs manageable we hired American actors living in the UK. To further add authenticity to the world that we were portraying we scouted locations in the UK that could double up feasibly for a New Jersey site in the winter – we settled on Glasgow, Scotland. Since the video’s launch, the culture work has continued to grow and it is now being used in all other regions around the world, seeing translations into Turkish, Italian, Spanish, German and French, among many others.

Due to the internal nature and usage of our client videos we are unable to show any examples but if you would like to learn more about our approach and discuss how videos could work for you we love to chat about all things video! Contact us at: