Why digital media works with React learning experiences

Why you can be confident about online learning experiences with React...

We are very keen to share, and show, how React can provide you with sustainable, scalable and reproducible learning experiences online.

Confident & capable - Our drama-based methods definitely work online

During this challenging time clients are experiencing great results from our drama-based methods and exercises delivered virtually/online e.g. 'Forum Theatre', ‘Talking Heads’, Role-play practice and Coaching. In fact, they are working so well that we will offer our Online Services permanently along-side our face-to-face work. You can read examples of  'virtual' work in the last section of this post. 

We would like to invite you to take a peek BEHIND THE SCENES at React... two short videos that demonstrate online working - the team practicing a role play and how the group can conduct an exercise of 'Forum Theatre'.

 We are prepared for face-to-face work

Of course, we cannot wait to see you face-to-face again, and live, in-person work is always going to be our preferred route. 

We are prepared for a return to the classroom, with safety considerations for all people involved paramount. 

We have developed a COVID19-secure Events Policy & Toolkit to support plans to return. Details available on request.

“Hmmm…You seem very confident - where is the evidence?”

Successful work online that we have been involved with during social distancing/lockdown:

  • Assessments for senior and middle management roles for a multinational manufacturer using actors for a role-play exercise.
  • Negotiation skills simulation delivered internationally for a financial services company.
  • Difficult conversations training for a variety of clients, using Forum and one-to-one practice.
  • Presentation skills training for ‘not for profit’ organisation based in London.
  • Diversity and inclusion training for a major university.
  • Personal impact coaching for executives online in the UK and internationally.
  • Making training videos (via online portals) to support companies L&D initiatives where live remote learning is proving difficult.
  • Providing actors from the UK for innovative live exercises for an American energy company in the USA

You can talk to us for a FREE, NO obligation consultation about how and what we can deliver for you. We love a creative challenge and are very happy to bounce ideas around without charge.

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Why digital media works with React learning experiences