Working well together while we have to be apart.

React has never been in a stronger position to support our clients, current and new, to have engaged and productive organisations that can successfully navigate these challenging times.

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Working well together

Our team has used digital media for many years to train and coach people in hard-to-reach places around the world. We think it’s better in person, but we draw on our experience to adapt to the current proximity challenges to provide emotionally resonant learning services with our professionally trained Actor-Facilitators.

Cognitive studies on Complimentary Learning Systems Theory (see CLS link below) explain memorability issues relating to online training caused by content and style that stimulate the neocortex i.e. brain functions for learning and processing information, not storing memories.

Stanford CLS paper

In our experience, also using our emotionally resonant drama-based techniques to ignite our participants’ Limbic Systems, makes our virtual products more enjoyable and memorable.

Beyond COVID-19, we are optimistic that this approach to virtual services will continue to be a useful alternative for providing engaging and practical learning experiences.

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Working well together while we have to be apart.