“Honey, we shrunk our Executive Chairman!”

If you haven’t been following the miniature version of our Executive Chairman, Miles, on his adventures across the globe, where have you been?! Catch up with his travels across India, Dubai, Brazil and the USA now.

Since then he’s been sighted at the BBC in London for a Team Leadership Programme…

…and over in Highfield Park in Hampshire for a Performance for Growth – Difficult Conversations workshop.

Our React: Associate, Tony Smith had the tricky task of keeping an eye on Mini Miles, “I brought Mini Miles along with me to a BBC Team Leadership Programme in London, and then a Performance for Growth – Difficult Conversations workshop in Hampshire. We had a blast but I did lose him a few times in the hotel grounds!”

Last month Mini Miles was seen helping out with a Team Leadership Programme at the BBC in Salford, including role-play and forum theatre. He still found time to pop into the Blue Peter garden though…

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