Introducing...React: India

React is growing! We’re excited to announce that we have expanded the React family and would like to welcome Amba, Rudy and Pranay, who are leading React: India.

Before they came together to form React: India, Rudy, Pranay and Amba all worked with React individually in the UK, and went on to run their own individual theatre companies in India. It was serendipity that brought them together when Amba cast Rudy and Pranay in a play, and they had the realization that they could pool their resources to set up a combined theatre company in Delhi, India. Amba explained: “The natural next step seemed to be to work with React in a professional capacity, after discussions with the team in the UK we felt there was a large market in India and it made sense to set up a React headquarters over here”

Although there are corporate training companies in India, these are often classroom based and theoretical, and there doesn’t appear to be the kind of hands-on, practical, interactive and drama-based offering like React. “We know there’s a strong market for this kind of training, but what’s helping React: India come together is the support we receive from the UK office. To know you can reach out at any time for help, guidance and the wealth of experience the UK team passes on to us is invaluable. We feel really supported and looked after and that’s a truly wonderful feeling that I don’t think all companies are able to offer.”

The team have been extremely busy tapping into lots of promising opportunities and on 5 April, they ran their very first event for 100 participants from Sannam S4, a company that delivers international market entry and business solutions for small to large organisations in over 21 countries. The company organises an annual corporate retreat for their employees and React: India received excellent feedback post session, the Executive Director of Sannam S4 said “It was the best retreat we’ve done in the 6 years we have been planning similar corporate retreats”

Amba explained “It was hard work but we had a great team working with us, who were not only able to take the plan we made but were also completely invested in making sure the company got what they were looking for and we were so pleased to get such positive feedback”

React’s Managing Director, Adrian Cook is excited for the React: India team “We are delighted to have Amba, Rudy and Pranay leading React: India. They are a generous, creative and customer focused leadership team. Add their capability, professionalism, and a sense of fun to the formula and you will understand my confidence in them being great ambassadors for React’s brand and ways of working. I am really excited about the present, let alone the future for React: India!”

Meet the team and watch them demonstrate a few of the techniques that React use with our clients all over the world today:

To find out more about React: India, please contact Amba Jhala.

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